The World’s Largest Organization of Professional Auctioneers.

Created in 1967, The Tennessee Auctioneer Commission licenses apprentice auctioneers, auctioneers, public automobile auctioneers and firms. The Commission also enacts rules addressing professional conduct and standards of practice.

Membership to the Tennessee Auctioneers Association (TAA) offers a variety of opportunities for education, fellowship, and growth. For a small yearly fee, you become a part of a much larger group consisting of like-minded auction professionals.

Our state convention offers the opportunity to meet with, not only other Tennessee auctioneers, but businesses that provide support to our industry. From advertisers to computer platform programmers to auction supply companies, the convention is a fantastic way to receive a great deal of auction-related information in a short span of time.

Continuing education, a needed legal requirement for many auctioneers, is typically provided at the convention, as well. The TAA is constantly working on ways to provide additional benefits, from discounts to various retailers to the creation of the TAA College Scholarship. This scholarship is available to any child or grandchild of a TAA parent, grandparent or legal guardian.

Perhaps the most important benefit the TAA provides is networking opportunities. Membership in the TAA puts you in front of people who have likely “been there, done that” so you can benefit from the wisdom of their experience.

Becoming an auction professional in the State of Tennessee is a highly regarded accomplishment. The TAA is the professional organization that was created to further the profession of the auction business and to set a high standard of conduct for those members. Today’s public looks for those credentials. Join today and become a part of this important industry.

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